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Winterholidays in Berchtesgaden


Even if our skiing areas cannot keep with the ones with our neighbouring Austria, Berchtesgaden has some small, but very well kept skiing secrets. Pleasure skiing is announced here - no long waiting queues at the ski lifts and even an almost "informal" ski slope atmosphere. Plenty of ski rental companies, ski schools, snowboard courses and ski kindergarten are provided. Some sled runs with a length up to 4 km (13000 ft.) , approximately 85 km (280000 ft.) of cross-country trails await you. And for the adrenaline junkies several companies offer snowrafting, snowshoe tours, snowbiking and many other events. There is something for everybody to enjoy.


Discover the small, fine ski areas in and around Berchtesgaden. They are well cared and a pleasure for alpine skiers and snowboarders

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Nordic skiing in Berchtesgaden

A great experience to glide on more than 84 km of cross-country ski trails through the Berchtesgadener Land

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Winterfunsport in Berchtesgaden

For all those who are looking for something special in winter - snow rafting, snowshoe walking, ski tours and much more...

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Sledding & tobogganing

A great experience in crystal clear air for the whole family

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