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Sightseeing in Berchtesgaden

Sightseeing locations

Caused by its location close to the border to Salzburg/ Austria and of course the breathtaking beauty of the Berchtesgaden basin, it was always a centre of attraction for writers, thinkers, kings, aristocrats and also political leaders. There are many historical places of interest on this quite small spot on earth, which attracts still yearly hundred thousands of guest. Above all of course the fantastic lake Königssee, the salt mine Berchtesgaden from where Germany satisfy still today a large part of the need of salt (Bad Reichenhaller),  the Wittelsbacher castle and also the Eagle's Nest on the Obersalzberg - Hitler's former diplomat's house - and the documentation center Obersalzberg and many more.

We have provided to you here a listing of the most important points of interest...

Point of interest Distance to hotel
Mount Watzmann 2713m ---
Lake Königssee 5 minutes by car(3 km) + 5 Minuten walking distance
Cable car "Jennerbahn" ski- and hiking area 5 minutes by car (3 km) + 5 Minuten walking distance
Salt mine Berchtesgaden 10 minutes by car (5 km) + 5 Minuten walking distance
Eagles Nest Obersalzberg 12 minutes by car (7 km) + 20 Minuten busdrive
Documentation Obersalzberg 12 minutes by car(7 km)
National park center Berchtesgaden 10 minutes by car (4 km)
Royal Castle Berchtesgaden 10 minutes by car (4 km)
Local heritage museum 10 minutes by car (6 km)
National park Berchtesgaden ---
Old salt works Bad Reichenhall 30 minutes by car (22 km)
Rossfeld panoramic street 15 minutes by car (9 km) + 17 km round trip
Ice cave Schellenberg 16 minutes by car (14 km) + 2 1/2 hours hiking
Lake Chiemsee 60 minutes by car (80 km)
Castle Hellbrunn Salzburg (A) 30 minutes by car (22 km)
Heritage of rural Salzburg (A) (A) 35 minutes by car (27 km)
Salzburg Zoo (A) 25 minutes by car (21 km)
Natural history museum Salzburg (A) 40 minutes by car (28 km)
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