Exotic massages

Hot Stone Massage

This is an original shamanic healing method. First the body is treated with specific essential oils. After this warm and cold round lava stones are placed on the client’s belly, heart and forehead which are important energy centres. This is a massage which uses both hands and cold and heated stones.

Duration: 80 min + rest period

Price: 90,00 €
Try out hot stone massage

The Hot Stone massage is a connection of massage, energy treatment and the wholesome effect of hot stones. Approx. 50°C warmed up stones are placed on the energy centres of the oiled body (legs and feet). The massage is done with warm oil and hot dark lava stones, which causes the solution of spannings and pain points.

Duration: 50 min + rest period

Price: 65,00 €
Anti-Stress-program for HIM or HER

Full body massage including head, face and feet with aromatic oils of your choice.

Duration: 80 min. + rest period

Price: 92,00 €
A dream of Roses for HER

With wild rose oil the whole body is massaged. The reflex zone points are touched on the hands and feet and the organism is stimulated softly. Afterwards the facial musculature is massaged with rose quartz styluses and is harmonised. In the end the body is generously put some ointment with wild rose cream and while you rest, the cream can unfold her maintaining qualities.

Duration: 80 min + rest period

Price: 95,00 €
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