Body treatments

Peelings with sugar

Wild Rose - Sweet Orange - Chocolate - Enchantment of the South Sea

This well smelling peeling is moisturizing, decongestant and smoothing. The sugar cristals clean your skin und stimulate your blood circulation. The valuable Shar-Nut-Butter and the substances of the almond oil have a strengthening characteristic und your skin will get an smooth, young complexion.

Duration: 25 min.

Price: 35,00 €
Soap foam massage

Experience the centuries-old cleaning ritual on our heated massage table. After a body pour with warm water, the skin is peeled, then wrapped in fine soap foam and massaged. Skin cells are removed and the circulation is promoted. Your skin feels delicate and fine afterwards.

Duration:  40 min.

Price: 55,00 €
Alpenhof's herb garden

Start with a gentle body peeling from alpine herbs. The dried herbs gently remove the dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation. Afterwards, you rest with a body pack tailored to you, which is enriched with selected herbs from our Alps. Alpine herb mixture: lavender, chamomile, peppermint, marigold and rose.

Duration 50 min.

Price: 60,00 €
Aroma cremepack

First a massage on your back with the special oil following you whole body is creamed with the Shea-butter-balm. The cream should stay for at least 15 minutes on your skin, so your skin gets the best treatment.

Duration: 50 min. + rest period

Price: 65,00 €
Bees wax-package

Ganz nach Ihren Wünschen werden Rücken, Schulter-Nacken-Bereich oder die Beine massiert. Mit klassischen Massagegriffen wird die Muskulatur gezielt gelockert und entspannt.

Duration: 50 min + rest period

Price: 65,00 €
Mudpack for the back

Commonly for muscle spannings (especially in the back) and rheumatism. In addition, mudpacks promote the blood circulation, stimulate the metabolism and gentles pains. Following a back massage.

Duration: 50 min. + rest period

Price: 65,00 €
Cellulite Body Slimming

An intensive treatment for flawlessly slim legs and a tightend bottom which tights and strenghts the tissue. The fat reduction is activated.

Duration: 50 Min.

Price: 55,00 €
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