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Massages & rituals

Hotel Alpenhof, Ohrenkerzenbehandlung

Ear candle treatment

The ear candling treatment is a simple natural healing method. In addition to their beneficial and relaxing effect, ear candles can also be used effectively for inflammation and colds. Because the heat generated by a burning ear candle and the slight vibrations not only stimulate the self-healing powers, but also allow secretions to flow out of the sinuses, forehead and nose and get the lymph fluid going better. Finally, you will be pampered with a soothing facial massage.
Duration: 35 minutes
Price: € 58,00

Hotel Alpenhof, Gesichts- und Kopfmassage, Mukabhyanga

Face massage

This massage has a relaxing effect and promotes well-being. It relieves stress and inner disharmony. Your skin is cared for while you relax.
Duration: 20 minutes
Price: € 35,00

Hotel Alpenhof, Honigmassage

Honey partial massage

During this back massage you will feel the detoxifying and antibacterial effect of honey. This special massage technique eliminates toxins and pollutants from the tissue, promotes blood circulation and relieves cramps and tension.
Duration: 35 minutes
Price: € 52,00

Hotel Alpenhof, Moorpackung

Mud pack & partial massage

Common for muscle tension (especially in the back) and rheumatism. In addition, moor packs promote blood circulation, stimulate the metabolism and relieve pain.
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: € 76,00

Hotel Alpenhof, Ayurveda zum Kennenlernen

Mountain of love

Let yourself be pampered with love from head to toe with a unique body ritual. The treatment begins with an activating body wrap, which gives your skin elasticity.
We continue with a moisturizing facial mask and a relaxing facial massage. Finally, we end the ritual with a full body massage.
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: € 139,00

hotel alpenhof berchtesgaden holz hintergrund

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