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Our wellness hints

Tips for an optimal well-being pleasure

A stay in our wellness mountain pasture should be a relaxing and relaxing experience. However, if the basics of the spa label are not known, this can easily go wrong. Here are some tips on reservation, clothing and much more. If you are unsure about certain details, please ask in advance. Generally speaking, there are no rules in the true sense of the word when you visit the feel-good alpine pasture. The following information should therefore be understood as a guide.

Health problems
If you have any health problems, you should mention them when booking. Certain treatments may not be suitable for you. You should also indicate whether you wear contact lenses before starting a facial treatment.

Spa visit
On the day of treatment you should avoid the sun and alcoholic beverages. In addition, you should not engage in any activities after your visit that involve strenuous physical effort. If you are unsure, ask our feel-good team before the appointment if a certain activity is recommended.

The idea of showing oneself without clothes is a little strange for some people, but don’t let it deprive you of the pleasure. If nudity is a problem for you, please contact the Well-being Alpine pasture in advance to ask for guidelines and recommendations. Some treatments can be done on full garments, others (e. g. body treatments) should be done naked.

Tell us your preferences
Let the staff know your wishes. All aspects of the treatment can be adapted to your personal taste: light intensity, music or silence, room temperature, etc. You can also decide whether you want to have a conversation during the treatment or enjoy the treatment without talking. If you want the massage to be more intensive or softer, you are welcome to express this wish. If you have any questions, just ask. Your therapist will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are not satisfied with certain things, please tell your therapist first.

If you need to shave, shave at least two hours before the scheduled appointment (especially men for facials or women before body treatments).

A spa is an ideal place to have some time for yourself. It is therefore best not to bring children under 16 years of age. If you bring children, take care of their safety and the resting needs of other guests.

Mobile phones
Leave mobile phones and pagers in your room or turn them off before entering the spa.

Talk at low volume in the relaxation room and other areas.

are not allowed in the entire spa area for hygienic reasons.

Community institutions
Always take a shower before entering the sauna, swimming pool or whirlpool. In the sauna you can sit down on your sauna towel, which is waiting for you in the feel-good alpine pasture.

Appointment booking
Monday to Saturday by appointment
We recommend that you book your desired dates in advance of your arrival, so that we can fulfill all your wishes. Please do not be disappointed if we are no longer able to meet the deadlines requested at short notice. We will be happy to send you a confirmation of the reserved dates. However, please understand that it may be possible to postpone them a little later. You will receive the final dates when you arrive at the hotel.

If you would like to book treatments, we ask you to do this from home before your arrival, so that we can meet your desired deadlines.

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